Third family..



So sunday I changed families for my third time here in Brasil and I am absolutely loving it, granted I changed right after dinner for the family and before dinner for me and have only been here for what is now my third night. I absolutely love this family. They are so cute! The family is a mom, dad, two brothers (15&17) and they have one son on exchange in Japan that is 18. My new family is Japanese and make amazing food…

It’s quite strange to think that I have learned how to eat with chopsticks and love Japanese food in Brasil, but its true but i learned the chopsticks thing on my own and my Japanese and Taiwanese friends say I do it the correct way and they do it the wrong way but it works for them and I have never been so proud!! It’s awesome.

My new mom likes to talk with me at night and go out and take me to do things with her like go to the super market and things like that. Also, we eat dinner together for the most part every night that I’ve been here.

My host mom had my best friend from Japan (Momoka) as an exchange student for Momoka’s first family and so Elisa my host mom loves to let Momoka come over which is great for me 🙂 Elisa also doesn’t have any problems with my going to my first host families’ house (Leia) because they are in a way neighbor apartment buildings…


May update


Tomorrow makes it nine months since I last hugged my mom and grandmother and my cheer team..

It just seems crazy to say because it went all so fast!!! In just two months my mom will be here to visit and then I go home short after….
April 20-29th I went to the amazons! that trip was amazing!!! I don’t know what one I liked more the northeast or the amazons.. but I am just extremely happy I got to do them both and meet so many new people..
I am still in my second host family and I dont think Im going to have a third but it is all good because I have made new best friends and am almost always going out with them now… Its sad to say but now I hardly ever see my host parents, just for lunch normally I see them.
My school is going good I got a 4,0 on my physics test which was actually just because I tried and the teacher likes me because I only really got three right.. Oh I should mention 4,0 is the highest note you can get… 😀 I am currently making a really long presentation on my school, and life in the states; it wasn’t supposed to be long but there is just so much to add, so, oh well I will send it to my teachers and see what they want me to take out..
While on the amazons I had decided that I want to be a yo-yo.. I remembered someone saying that because I am doing my exchange during my junior (11th grade) year I can go back do my senior (12th grade) year and then do another exchange after. I so want to go to a different country away from the Americas because I have never left the Americas. But, right before I started typing this monthly report I read on the central states website that you have to have 18 and 1/2 years old when you depart for the maximum age.. This is a problem for me because I would have 18 years and 8 months… But then comes in the confusion because there are countries that accept until 19 years according to the county selection info… I am quite confused and asking if  I could be a yo-yo or not, I will keep you posted.
Oh and I’m sorry this is late..

Winding Down … or up??


I am currently trying to do a presentation of “My school and life in the United States”. This presentation will be during my english class and will be in english for the third year, portugues for the first year and then second year depends.

Along with that, I am trying to get caught up on portugues homework. I missed the portuguese class when I changed from the afternoon to the morning session! The teacher said I didn’t have to do it, but I think I do, because I want to better my portuguese and come back to the states able to speak, write and understand everything perfect!!!! And, there are never any shortcuts to perfection!

I am also getting ready to maybe receive another exchange student in my host families house so there will be two exchange students sharing one bedroom… NEED TO MAKE SPACE! haha

Also, it is finals week. Finals started Monday and go until the next Tuesday except for Monday which is like the brasilian MEAP.  My school is pretty easy going with the exchange students, and say that we dont have to go Monday. But I do, just so I can go back to THS and say I dont want to have to do the year all over again when all I need is non-required credits!! Some of the tests are not extremely difficult but some are like trying to have a two year old spanish speaking child take a college physics test in german… But hey, isn”t it the effort that counts?

Due to coming to the last few months of exchange I feel like I hardly ever have time to stop.. it sucks but at the same time it”s awesome. Learning so much! and having so much fun!!

I also started a Capoeira class on Monday and Wednesday with my host moms’ friends. My first day was Monday and after I wasn’t really sore at all,  except for where I hit my foot on the metal arm of a sofa and bruised it; but other than that, I thought “oh, this is going to be really easy! THEN CAME WEDNESDAY…and now that its Thursday I am feeling the PAIN. (haha)

I am also starting to look in to colleges in my free time, because when I get back I have to start applying. I decided I am going to do my senior year like normal. Then, if THS says that I have to “repeat” the exchange year then I am just going to go to take the GED so that I can be with my friends going into college and not a year behind.

The really bad thing that I just found out this week is, my counselor that is deciding weather I get credit or not, is out until then next school year! I have no way of getting ahold of her, because I just have her work email. When I get back in August, I will have to go and try to get it figured out but, I would really like to know what my school, (THS) needs from my school here so that I can have it all ready to show them and get credit.

April Update

Hello, sorry I am late. I have realized it seems as my exchange is coming closer to an end there are more things I have and am trying to do. For Easter I left Thursday night and got to Minas Gerais on Friday and stayed on the farm there until Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday I went with my first host sister who’s in Mexico on exchange, the family she’s at her, host brother there is here in Brasil and I stayed with him and another Mexican and a American and Taiwanese boy at my first familys house and we toured São Paulo because they don’t live near the city.
School is going good I actually have a lot of work to do. My literature teacher is the only teacher that goes out of her way to give me work so that I have a lot of stuff to show my school in the states and try to get credits for school there. I also talked to my English teacher and for my whole entire high school I’m giving a presentation in English to the third and maybe the second and in Portuguese for the first and maybe second about my school and life there.
My third family can’t receive me so I am not sure if I’m going to stay with my current host family until the end or change houses but in 17 days I’m going to the amazons!! I could not be any happier it is so exciting!! 🙂 oh the other thing exciting is I got changed to the morning classes so I get to know alot more of my city and Brasil! 🙂

March update


Holy moly!, it’s already march fourth!!!!

I can’t believe it the time just has been going by so fast. I was traveling the 3-29 of December, then came back to my house did laundry, celebrated New Years and my birthday, packed my suitcase for the northeast then I went on the northeast trip for 30 days came home did laundry and packed my bags to change houses two days later… Then with carnival I went to Minas Gerais, came back and have had birthday parties, school starting back up, and trying to get my stuff adjusted and make the new house more of a home then just a place to stay for a little while. I seriously can not believe that I had already stayed with this family for a month.

My new host house has a mom, dad, daughter in Thailand, and a dog. The dog you have to be very careful with your socks he likes to take them and you can’t take it back until he drops it or he bites you, needless to say I learned that the hard way.. He’s a little shitzu, I don’t know how to spell it, but it hurt haha.

I went to Minas Gerais with my host mom, host dog, host dad, and their friend. My host mom works in a salon and likes to take me to new places – which I really like. She is the rotary youth exchange coordinator for my club here in Brazil.

School has kinda been boring but I am liking it more, understanding way more, and learning alot too. In the states I haven’t taken chemistry yet, but I am now understanding and LOVING it!! I have two tests coming up this week – need to study.

-Tiffani J. Barrie.

Oh I almost forgot, I will keep you all updated soon – I have numerous blogs started, just need to get them in writing and posted – sorry it has been so long – to be continued soon.