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Tiffani BarrieOH MY GOSH!

Having a blast and learning new things everyday, is what i have been up too! I am loving Brasil sooooo much! I am speaking only portuguese mainly and understanding so much more after my month in Minas Gerias. My “family” there is AWESOME! My aunt Silvana, cousin Lais, and grandma all helped me so much with my portuguese and corrected me when I was wrong and if I didn’t know what something was, they explained it in portuguese. The other day, I was explaining to my Mom at home how it is the best feeling in the world to be able to express myself and joke around and understand everything in my new language. Now, I joke around saying I dont know english and when someone speaks english with me I speak portuguese back and alot of people step in and say no english with her only portuguese.. hahaha 🙂 I LOVE IT!

The only thing I dont like is that I am starting to have problems with explaining stuff in english, haha. On christmas I was talking with my mom and family in the states and my family here, translating of course, and I was saying muito(very) good and stuff like that. Honestly, as I am typing this I am thinking of the words in portuguese.. Its a strange state, but I like it.

In Minas, I spent time at the restaurants my uncles have, time with my little cousin, and time on the farm. I loved the farm there. The people are beyond amazing. Brasilians are very open hearted and absolutely welcoming because I knew no one in Minas before and they are just welcoming and loving and consider me familia. I saw banana trees, coffee plants numerous other fruits grown … the whole nine yards …
Now, I am getting ready for my birthday and the Northeast trip.. MY 17TH BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!! 🙂 hehehe.
For new years night I went to Sao paulo to the equal as New york there in brasil. It was AWESOME! 🙂
Well I think thats all for now.
❤ Tiffani.. the brasilian american haha 🙂